The Height Safety Group

BSIF Height Safety Group (HSG) and its members are committed to supporting the continued professionalism and safety of those working at height. The working group has recently been contributing to the development of a new Trailblazer course to support individual development and competency and was actively involved in the drafting of the revised BS 7883:2019 standard which was published in November 2019.

BSIF HSG members’ activities and involvement in the new Trailblazer “Personal Fall Protection Installer – Permanent Solutions” and drafting of the revised BS 7883 Standard are contributing to the professionalism and development of the fall protection industry.

These training and guidance activities will establish a long overdue benchmark for the industry.


A Personal Fall Protection Installer/Recertification/Technician requires Knowledge – Competence – Information – Instruction – Training and Supervision.
These highly skilled individuals install and inspect safety critical equipment in hazardous conditions in all sectors, and yet there is no industry specific qualification to provide them with a career path. Equally clients cannot verify credentials as part of their required due diligence to ensure the company/individual is professional and competent to complete the project.
The BSIF HSG is supporting the fall protection industry by introducing a five-tier level of membership and compliance. Members will move through the stages as they build their business and competence and work towards the latest BS7883:2019 Personal fall protection equipment – Anchor systems – System design, installation and inspection – Code of practice.

The BSIF HSG has submitted a business case to BSI to develop a new Standard to develop an audit process that allows a Fall Protection Installer/Recertification/Technician and companies to establish their level of compliance within the industry. The proposal is to provide a Standard for accredited and competent auditors to use and assist duty holders to verify the professionalism and competence of fall protection companies they choose to work with. Auditors will be able to measure fall protection companies against five stages of development, working towards compliance in full to BS 7883:2019.