BS 13700:2021 – Permanent Counterweighted guardrail systems

BS 13700:2021 – Permanent Counterweighted guardrail systems – Specification
The specification was published in the summer of 2021 and finally provides a specific standard for permanent counter balanced guardrails.
The key features of BS 13700 include:
• This new Standard provides comprehensive guidance for those manufacturing counter balanced guardrail systems that are permanently installed.
• Every installation should have a “System Technical File”. The System Technical File shall include the system design and layout, design calculations, and wind speed calculations permitting compatibility, safety, and operational suitability to be assessed and verified.
• Every proposed & final installation will require a site specific wind speed calculation conforming to wind loading criteria in accordance with BS EN 1991 1 4:2005+A1:2010.
• This standard requires all guardrail installations to be designed for specific wind speed calculation in relation to the location, height of building and exposure level. All manufacturers will have to provide calculations or software programs to comply with this requirement.
• The standard has also introduced the requirement for annual thorough examination/inspection of counter balanced guardrails installed permanently and provides an examination scheme including the requirement for a wind speed calculation.

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