The Case for being a Member

About the BSIF

The British Safety Industry Federation is the major independent voice for the UK safety industry, providing authoritative information on a range of workplace safety issues and representing the needs of the UK market, our members and the country’s work force.

It is our mission to support all businesses in the UK who help to keep people safe and healthy at work. We are passionate that safety and health is universally recognised for what it is – a positive force for good.

Recognised as the principal association for the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation, we ensure the needs of the UK safety industry are shared. Our active input across Government departments puts us at the forefront of influencing legislation.

Our work with Government enforcement agencies, standards making authorities, safety equipment manufacturers, distributors, users and sector associations makes certain we are leading the way in educating and advising on topical industry issues that affect worker safety and health.

Be part of our movement. By choosing to become a member of the BSIF, you are recognising that health and safety is a force for good. You are making a commitment to keeping workers safe and healthy and partaking in the active effort required to make sure this happens.

The tools provided through membership, including access to the Registered Safety Suppliers Scheme (RSSS), BSIF Associations, Product and Working Groups that implement change across the industry, are an invaluable resource, giving you true competitive advantage.

Who We Represent

The BSIF represents manufacturers, distributors, installers and service providers of products and services within the safety, health and environmental markets. Membership ranges from large global organisations to small medium enterprises, all of whom are offering a variety of health and safety products and services. Ultimately, the safety of the end user is further protected through the support of the Federation.

BSIF members are given the opportunity to be at the forefront of their markets, with a strong voice in influencing decisions. Each Association, Product and Working Group within the Federation has its own strategy and purpose, all supporting the overarching objective to maintain intelligence and be an active, leading voice in safety, health and environmental safety markets.

Benefits Large and Small Businesses

  • Ability to join RSSS – a growing requirement for end user assurance only available through BSIF
  • Advance insight into legislation and PPE product standards
  • Ability to influence future safety product standards
  • Involvement in UK market awareness activities with HSE and other stakeholders to increase business opportunities
  • European and UK market knowledge
  • Independent advice on safety legislation and guidance
  • Advice and guidance on the new PPE regulations
  • Supply chain advocacy
  • Access to publicly recognised PPE qualifications for your staff (SSA)
  • Improved customer assurance through your enhanced knowledge base
  • Differentiates your business from those selling PPE as add-ons
  • Exhibition support with marketing activity and cost reduction
  • Network opportunities with companies of a similar ethos, peers and customers
  • Access to database of UK distributors
  • Access to database of manufacturers across different product groups
  • Access to PPE trends – what is happening and end user requirements
  • Interaction with European and Global manufacturers
  • Promotion of your brand to distributors
  • Export support and utilisation of grants