BSIF Height Safety Group

BS 8681:2023 – Personal fall protection and access systems –Training and competence for manufacturing, system design, installation and inspection – Specification

This specification is currently under development and due to be published during mid to late 2023.This Standard provides a complementary Standard to BS 7883:2019 for the purpose of providing the duty holder (which may include construction contractors, building managers or building owners & property professionals ) with the checks and balances to determine the competence and professionalism of a those manufacturers, designers, fabricators, installers and inspectors operating within the fall protection industry.The duty holder or auditing organisation (Safety Schemes in

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BS 13700 – Permanent Counterweighted Guardrail Systems – Specification

IntroductionOver the last forty years numerous cantilever edge protection systems have been launched in the UK and across the globe.These products were initially developed to provide temporary edge protection for those carrying out flat roof refurbishments/repairs and featured a lifting base foot and interchangeable cantilever weight, thus allowing work at the edge to continue unhindered while the guardrail remains in position. The early products were featured in HS-G33 published in 1987 (see below) and tested for conformance to the Health

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