BS:7883:2019 Overview

BS 7883:2019 was published in November of 2019. Members of BSIF (HSG) and Industry professionals have revised this standard that now includes further products, updates and the introduction of new roles. This is an excellent global guidance document for the fall protection industry.

Revised BS7883 Overview

1) Key new features of BS 7883 with respect to changes/updates from previous versions include:
• The introduction of the role of the System Designer
• Comprehensive details of contents of documentation including the System Design Specification; System Technical File; Examination Scheme for Inspection, and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manual
• Positioning and installation information for rope access, including deviations and edge management
• Examples of design calculations
• Examples of calculations for proof test loads and test methods
• Examples of calculating imposed loadings on the structure
• Reverse engineering checks for hidden elements on previously installed anchor systems
• Inspection of anchor devices and anchor systems to earlier versions of BS 7883

The Standard is a major revision of the 2005 edition and complements BS 8610, EN 795 and PD CEN/TS 16415.

2) The main USPs for BS 7883
• This is a best practice document used by industry which is widely considered to be the most important document relating to the installation and inspection of anchor systems, not only in the UK but also throughout the world.
• The Standard focuses on a structured process and is split into discrete sections covering General; System Design (including selection and positioning); Installation; Inspection.
• Recommendations to close-out known industry problems on past installations.
• A comprehensive Standard incorporating various product types not covered previously.
• Emphasis on competent installers and the roles and responsibility of the system designers and inspectors.
• The importance of the documentation that should be passed to the duty holder for safe keeping, allowing users, inspectors and other interested parties to have easy access to all relevant information relating to the installed anchor system, which in turn leads to improved consistency.

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