UK Legislation & Standards

– Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974
– Manufacturer’s and supplier’s duties (s.6)
– Section 6 (1) – Designers and manufacturers should ensure that products are safe etc and without risk to health when used etc at work
– Section 6 (3) – Duty of any person who erects or installs any article for use at work to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that nothing about the way in which the article is erected or installed makes it unsafe or a risk to health at any such time.
– European Union Directive 89/654/EEC – Workplace, Health Safety & Welfare Regulations 1992 – Section 5 – Maintenance of workplace, and of equipment, devices and systems

European Legislation & Standards
– EN 365:2004 Personal Protective Equipment Against Falls from Height
– Specifies the requirements for the use, maintenance, examination, repair, marking and packaging of PPE equipment. Systems or components should be examined at least every 12 months, or when specified by the manufacturer, by a competent person.
– Work at Height Regulations 2005 – Section 12 – Inspection of work equipment

– BS 8610 2017 – Personal fall protection equipment Anchor systems — Specification
– BS 7883 2019 – Personal fall protection equipment – Anchor systems – System design, installation and inspection – Code of practice.