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BSIF (HSG) – BS 8681 – CSCS Card – NVQ Qualification update

The Height Safety group has been actively working with its members, 8Point8 Training and Smart Awards to assist with the development of qualifications for the industry.
The NVQ Level II qualification – Accessing Operations and Rigging – Pathway 7 Fall Arrest has been available for many years, although few in the industry have this qualification. This NVQ is available Nationally but attracts no funding.
The industry has developed an Apprenticeship Trailblazer which is a level III qualification– Personal Fall Protection Technician – Permanent Solutions which is 95-100% fully funded and available in England only.
A new NVQ level III qualification is now being developed by the industry which does not attract funding, but provides a route to establish a professional qualification at a higher level.

Why is this important?
CSCS will cease renewing cards issued via Industry Accreditation from 30th June 2024, while all IA cards issued from 1st Jan 2020 will expire on 31st Dec 2024 and will not be renewed.
• Industry Accreditation: Common queries answered | Official CSCS Website
Most of those working in the industry will need to be registered for one of the above qualifications or already have the appropriate occupational qualification in order to facilitate the issuing of the occupational CSCS card.

BS 8681 Personal fall protection equipment – Anchor systems – Provider competence – Specification
This standard will be published in 2024 and is available for comment:-
British Standards Institution – Project (
This standard requires at least one member of a fall protection installation crew to be qualified to NVQ level III. Further, all Inspectors or recertification technician will need to be qualified to NVQ Level III.

Where can I get trained & Assessed?
The Height Safety Group has been working with 8Point8 Training (Training Organisation) and Smart Awards (End Point Assessment Organisation)
Training Organisation – David Ravensdale –
End Point Assessment Organisation – Lesley Barr –

Why should I Register?
Register as soon as possible and commence your chosen qualification. At this point you will be awarded a CSCS Trainee Card which last for five years but cannot be renewed. Once qualified you will be granted a Blue Skilled Worker card and those that complete the Apprenticeship Trailblazer, which is open to all in England regardless of age, will be awarded a Gold Card.

The Industry Challenge
During the next few years there are likely to be instances where main contractors will challenge fall protection providers having Technicians on site that are operating on a temporary card. This is especially true if both Technicians are only qualified to NVQ Level II qualification – Accessing Operations and Rigging – Pathway 7 Fall Arrest, and Main Contractors are following BS 8681 Personal fall protection equipment – Anchor systems – Provider competence – Specification.
The Height Safety Groups recommendation is to discuss your current situation with the contacts provided & register as soon as possible!

Graham Willmott
BSIF (HSG) Chair

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