Why BS7883 is relevant to customers?

• Keeps them up to date with recommendations for the installation and inspection of personal fall protection systems.
• Provides advice on inspection of anchor devices and anchor systems that were installed to earlier versions of BS 7883.
• The Standard:
o establishes commons terms;
o provides examples of inspection criteria and categories of inspection results, e.g. pass; conditional pass; conditional fail; fail;
o provides guidance on reverse engineering design check of hidden elements of previously installed anchor systems;
o can be followed in a step by step process.
• The Standard sets the bar high to ensure that installers and inspectors carry out their work in a suitable manner to increase the safety for the users and installation quality of the anchor system.
• Provides guidance for system designers and specifiers of fall protection systems giving clear technical details on the requirements to install and maintain a safe anchor system.
• Gives clear direction for the system designer and installers on considering various products, their required competency in each role and providing workable solutions and suitable instructions.